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Hello 👋 


I am Anand Balakrishnan, New Media Design student at National Institute of Design, currently interning at Adobe where I’m working on intelligent interfaces. Formerly I worked in Startup called Agrima as a Product designer. I also have co-founded two start-ups RentMe online platform for rent payment and tenant screening; Make is a unique range of Do It Yourself health and cosmetics kits. Coming from a background in design, engineering, and entrepreneurship, I love connecting the dots between user needs, technical challenges, and business goals.


I have experience in working across stages from ideation to final product in multiple projects. I’m good at rapid prototyping and currently, I’m focusing on AI & Machine learning, working on projects in Computer vision, Natural language processing and Intelligent user interfaces.


Studying New Media Design helped me creating associations across the fields of art, science, technology, and design; Gaining competency in judging the appropriate application of technology; Developing insights leading to the invention of new technology.


When I am not working, I am probably riding my bike, thinking about some weird ideas, watching random YouTube videos or traveling somewhere.


Feel free to contact me.


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